Ride Col d’Eze

The Col d’Eze is a mythic climb, hosting around 29 of the finishing stages of the Paris-Nice with the finishes being a mix of Time Trials and Group Starts.

The roughly 9km climb leaves St Roch and immediately kicks up to 7%, and shortly after jumps up to 8.5 – 10%. Apart from a recovery section 4km from the bottom the mountain remains between 6 – 7% with a short stretch of around 10 – 13%. It is a taxing, exposed ride that is phenomenally rewarding.
The average rider going hard at it can ride the complete mountain in around 35 – 40 minutes, while the pros are hammering it at 20 – 30 minutes.

Col d’Eze & surrounds (2 hours); 1 person: 90€, 2 people: 50€ pp, 3 people: 45€ pp
Col d’Eze & La Madone or Col de Braus (4 hours); 1 person: 180€, 2 people: 100€ pp, 3 people: 80€ pp
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