Col de Braus

Taking a a leisurely ride from Nice intersected with a warmup climb over the Col de Nice you will find yourself passing through the beautiful village of L’Escarène and over a stone bridge just before the climb of the Col de Braus switchbacks starts.
The winding road takes you past cliff-faces and a high valley with otherworldly views towards the coast.

Either use Col de Braus as a warm-up for the big rides or as a finishing ride due to its forgiving nature. The scenery is very Southern France/Italy with its low trees and exposed rock.
Heading over the back of Col de Braus takes you to Sospel which can be perfect to refuel and then make a run to the Italian coast, then back to Nice via Monaco.

Col de Braus (4 hours); 1 person: 180€, 2 people: 100€ pp, 3 people: 80€ pp
Col de Braus & Col d’Eze (4 hours+); 1 person: 190€, 2 people: 110€ pp, 3 people: 90€ pp